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FurGrip™ 2.0 Laundry Pet Hair Remover Brush

FurGrip™ 2.0 Laundry Pet Hair Remover Brush

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Love your fur babies - but hate breaking out the lint roller every morning? Or even worse - forgetting and turning up to work with pet hair on your black tights and business suits? 

FurGrip™ 2.0’s groundbreaking technology helps to remove pet hair in a single wash from most fabrics - leaving you to wash and go with zero effort!

How Does It Work?

The movements of the washing machine or the dryer help the FurGrip™ stick to the unwanted hair which pulls it away from your clothes.

The FurGrip™ 2.0 helps to remove pet hair, hair and dust from your clothes, your jackets, blankets and much more.

This then allows your washer or dryer to pick up the hair in the lint trap, like it's supposed to!

Fresh And Clean Clothes

FurGrip™ 2.0 is made of a special soft, flexible, and highly sticky material that captures pet or human hair like a magnet and pulls it off the clothes. The hair gets washed off the clothes, and gets collected in the lint trap, leaving your clothes fresh, clean, and free of hair. 

Use Over And Over Again

The FurGrip™ 2.0 is easy to clean after each use. Just rinse it under a tap with warm water and soap, and it’s ready to be used again. As a thumb rule, we recommend purchasing one FurGrip™ 2.0 per pet in your household. 





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