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FurGrip™ Automatic Double Bowl Pet Feeder

FurGrip™ Automatic Double Bowl Pet Feeder

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No more worrying about feeding animals when you are out!

This automatic pet feeder can provide timed and quantitative meals for your pets, 1-4 meals per day, 1-40 servings per meal (5 mg per serving).

2-way divider and stainless steel body - perfect for a multi-pet family. This feeder is equipped with 2-way dividers, deflectors, anti-clogging design structure, which ensure even distribution between the 2 bowls.

The pet food storage container and the 2 bowls are made of  stainless steel, which can provide a healthier and more hygienic meal for your pets.

Dual Power Design - Even in the event of power failure, don't worry about dispenser not providing food. This automatic cat feeder is powered by a 5V DC adapter and/or batteries. Even if the animal's power fails, 3 x D-type alkaline batteries will keep the equipment operating normally. In addition, it is equipped with a setting memory, you don't need to reset the settings after power off.

10s voice recorder - you can choose to call your pet before meals! Long press the "Mic" button on the automatic cat feeder to record the voice of 10s, call your pet regularly and let your voice accompany them at every meal. You can also choose to cancel the recording, no vocals will be played before the meal.

Easy and user-friendly operation - easy installation/dismantling + clear programming gets you started in 5 minutes.



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